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ZTE, Light Reading jointly hold webinar to explore how superb networks boost value for CSPs
ZTE together with Light Reading, has held the webinar themed “How Superb Networks Boost Value for CSPs” during the MWC 2022. At the webinar, the world's leading operators, industry analysts and ZTE have jointly explored the value of communication networks in the digital economy era.
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ZTE Wins Two Project Management Awards from PMI China
ZTE wins the PMO of the Year Award for the ZTE Engineering Services PMO (esPMO) and the Project Excellence Award for its P3 Project in Philippines at the PMI (China) Project Management Awards 2021.
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Digital Network Deployment
    In the era of digital transformation, the deployment of communication networks faces digital transformation. ZTE's digital network deployment solution consists of iEPMS, end-to-end intelligent delivery tools and intelligent network O&M. It runs through the whole process of network planning, construction, optimization, maintenance and operation, and efficiently dealing with the complex challenges of the delivery of communication network projects.
  • iEPMS
  • End-to-end Intelligent Deployment Tools
  • Intelligent O&M
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Digital Operation
    Based on the intelligent data middle platform system, AIVO has 6 core capabilities: Unified data service, Zero-coding development, Zero-perception data masking, Elastic cloud-and-edge deployment, integrated AI engine, and Automatic optimal model exploration. AIVO empowers operators in all service scenarios and processes, rapidly incubates intelligent applications, thus achieves digital value operation and builds a digital ecosystem of thousands of industries.
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5G Services
    With the deployment of 5G network on a global scale and the gradual enrichment of 5G business scenarios, Operators are facing new challenges. ZTE provides comprehensive 5G services, including 5G precise planning, 5GC automation integration, 5G intelligent operation and maintenance, 5G intelligent network optimization, 5G service quality management, 5G user experience management, etc. by introducing big data and AI technology, ZTE improves automatic and intelligence service capabilities and supports the 5G business success.
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Superb Network Construction
    With the goal of optimal user experience, during superb network construction, ZTE has continuously pursued to take a lead in technology and quality, achieved efficient delivery and intelligent O&M with the help of intelligent big data platforms, and accumulated abundant full-scenario solutions and a rich expert experience library. Through infrastructure network construction, value network evaluation and improvement, user experience improvement, and customer service growth, ZTE effectively improves network quality and user perception, as well as operators' brands and commercial value.
End-to-End Network Services
Consulting & Integration
Relying on more than 30 years of professional service experience in the communications industry, ZTE can help customers customize future-oriented network architecture design, output technical suggestions on network evolution, and provide comprehensive consulting and integration services, aiming to achieve deep network transformation and stable service growth.
Network Deployment
ZTE provides all-product-line solutions and end-to-end network deployment services including wireless, wired, core network, visual and energy products, and terminals, covering network planning, survey and design, site integration, optical fiber construction, network test, network upgrade, and network expansion. By providing digital and intelligent systems and tools, ZTE helps customers achieve efficient and easy network deployment.
Managed Services
ZTE's Managed Service Solution is committed to promoting the continuous evolution of network O&M towards automatic and intelligent O&M. By introducing big data and AI technologies, it improves O&M efficiency, expands O&M value and gradually evolves towards Zero Touch Operation to support operators' comprehensive digital transformation.
Network Optimization Service
ZTE's Network Optimization Service focuses on customer requirement and network potential, providing comprehensive optimization of the health, security, and quality covering NEs, networks and services based on all-round intelligent tools. This solution is committed to building excellent full-mode network performance and service quality to achieve a leap from network quality to network value.
Customer Support Service
The ZTE Customer Support Service Solution provides maintenance support service and spare parts management service. With professional service teams, standard service processes, advanced tool platforms, and global delivery capabilities and experience, this solution helps operators build a secure and stable network and develop their main business.
Service & User Experience
ZTE's Service and User Experience Solution focuses on the perception and analysis towards customer's networks and services. Based on the intelligent open big data platform, through flexible mining and analysis of massive data, this solution provides value-based network construction, value-based operations, and end-to-end perception management of all services in all-domain, helping operators improve their network value.
Learning Services
Upholding the philosophy of openness, professionalism, and sharing, we provide comprehensive talent development solutions for customers and partners through standard knowledge service systems and digital training approaches. To meet the new requirements for talent development, we identify the core capabilities in key positions, and deeply integrate technology, business, and capability, thereby leading and transforming talent development in the digital era.
Project Management
ZTE has a complete set of engineering service project management and operation system, including project management mechanism, project management digital system and professional team of project management talents. In the VUCA era, ZTE ensures high-quality and efficient project delivery.
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Success Cases
AIS: Serving Customers With Elite Network, Leading the Future With Intelligence
As the largest telecom service provider in Thailand, AIS, like its name, “Advanced Info Service”, has always adhered to the idea of providing users with the best information services, and leads the development of wireless network in Thailand.
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Pandemic, typhoons, volcano – no stopping DITO’s record greenfield rollout
A greenfield telco is something that CTOs dream about. It recently became a reality in the Philippines as a new telco, DITO Telecommunity, went from drawing board to launch in 18 months.
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WindTre: Making Rapid Progress with 5G
Italian telecommunications operator WindTre is accelerating the rollout of a nationwide 5G network. Benoit Hanssen, CTO of WindTre, shares the company's efforts in the on-going deployment of the 5G technology as well as his perspective on how to unlock the revenue potential of 5G.
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China Mobile
ZTE and China Mobile complete large-scale commercial deployment of AIVO3.0 digital operation
ZTE and the Shandong branch of China Mobile have completed the large-scale commercial deployment of the AIVO3.0 digital operation solution, with the three-dimensional intelligent insight into networks, services and users.
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China Telecom
ZTE helps China Telecom complete commercial deployment of core routers
ZTE and the Hunan branch of China Telecom have successfully deployed ZTE's core router ZXR10 T8000 in China Telecom's IP MAN in Hunan.
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ZTE reaches milestone with over 500,000 ONTs delivered to Mexico's Megacable
ZTE announced that it has reached a major milestone with over 500,000 Optical Network Units (ONTs) delivered to Megacable, the second largest multiple system operator in Mexico. It marks that the two companies have entered into a new stage of cooperation in the deployment of Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) networks.
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Technical Hotspots
ZTE Zhang Dayong: Delivering Data Center Efficiently to Help Building Digital Economy
Author:ZTE Corporation
Zhang Dayong, vice president of ZTE, said, “With years of experience in large-scale data center delivery worldwide, ZTE can provide full life cycle services from consultation, planning&design, and delivery to operation and maintenance management. Through continuous R&D, the whole PUE(Power Usage Effectiveness) has been reduced to below 1.3 in the prefabricated fully-modular Data Center field, and large-scale commercial deployment has been realized. ZTE is a reliable data center partner in the industry.”
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Intelligent Network Delivery Based on Big Data Platform
Author:ZTE Corporation
With rich experience in network delivery, ZTE has applied big data methods in network delivery. By analyzing massive data from core network, wireless side and drive test (DT), ZTE has proposed end-to-end intelligent operations solution, intelligent DT solution, intelligent network optimization solution, and network self-organizing solution for intelligent network delivery.
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ZTE actively practices CSF to fully guarantee network operator’s cybersecurit
Author:ZTE Corporation
In order to provide our customers with more secure and reliable products and services, ZTE Global Services officially introduced CSF in 2019 and continuously builds capabilities in the corresponding fields. After two successive years of practice, ZTE’s delivery security capabilities have been highly recognized by customers worldwide.
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ZTE: Cloud-Based Network Services Bring You Simple Deployment and Super Experience
Author:ZTE Corporation
While the COVID-19 pandemic still remains severe, how can ZTE quickly and efficiently complete communication network construction projects for overseas operators? How to break through the pandemic blockade and continue to provide high-quality products and efficient services for global customers? Zhang Jian, Vice President of ZTE Corporation, will share ZTE's innovations and breakthroughs in meeting the challenges of network delivery and accelerating the digital transformation.
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